Need a Manual or Demo?

System Requirements:

  • Any Operating System that supports Java2
  • 2MB of free disk storage space on your hard disk
  • Mouse (or other pointing device) and a Keyboard
  • Java 2 JRE or JDK version 1.4.2
  • MySQL Database Server, Apache Web Server and PHP (recommend XAMPP Lite, a bundle of all)

Where to Start?

  • Unzip the binary distribution of the OSE package
  • Install XAMPP (recommend the XAMPP Lite version, download it from HERE)
  • Start XAMPP, and then import the OSE SQL script (located in the sqlscript folder) to MySQL. You can either type command source SCRIPT_PATH into the MySQL command prompt or use the PhpMyAdmin tool coming with XAMPP (please refer to the tutorial movie for details).
  • Notice that, the SQL script only needs to be imported ONCE, but the XAMPP must be started anytime you want to run OSE.

How to Launch OSE?

  • Type java -jar OSE.jar in command prompt,
  • Or simply double click the OSE.jar icon if you are in Windows.