For Users and Researchers:

If you are a researcher and want to find out how OSE helps you perform online survey research, please click the link below:

>> OSE_Distribution

NOTE: The distribution version contains the executable of OSE as well as relevant documentation. Before running it, make sure you have necessary software installed in your computers. Please read Documentation section for details.

For Programmers and Developers:

If you are a developer and want to join the development of OSE, please click the link below:

>> OSE_Development

NOTE: The development version contains not only the whole distribution package, but also the source code for continuing development of the project. As the project is developed on a platform of J2SDK and JCreator 3.10, you may need to get these two software. Please contact me for details.

Realease Log:

  • Version 0.10 is released on 2005-06-20. It is the first fully functional verion.